Micronutrient Fortification  
The Guidelines for Iron Fortification of Cereal Food Staples

In 2001, SUSTAIN published Guidelines for Iron Fortification of Cereal Food Staples as an interim tool to help program planners select and use optimal iron fortificants for food enrichment initiatives.

Recommendations from the Guidelines address the two major objectives of any fortification strategy: selecting an appropriate iron fortificant; and determining optimal addition levels. The Guidelines reflect consensus (at the time of publication) among leading public and private sector experts, including participants at the Monterrey Workshop, on what could be deduced from the best information currently available on iron metabolism and cereal food fortification. They have been widely disseminated and used to select iron compounds and addition levels for food fortification.

Industries expressed considerable appreciation for the Guidelines as a clear standard on a complex issue. The Guidelines have also served as communication and marketing tools, simplifying information sharing on iron fortification among governments, donors, food processors and premix suppliers. Finally, the Guidelines offered a baseline of information from which to identify research needs.

Following publication of the Guidelines, SUSTAIN conducted and successfully completed an exhaustive evaluation of all commercially available elemental iron fortificants. Updated information on the use of iron in cereal fortification can be found under this site’s Elemental Iron Studies page.

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