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Commercial Evaluation of a Continuous Micronutrient Fortification Process for Nixtamal Tortillas (Cereal Chemistry, Volume 85, No. 6, 2008) (.PDF 167KB)

A process for continuous fortification of nixtamal tortillas, freshly made and sold daily in neighborhood mills throughout Mexico, was evaluated in two commercial mills.

Developing a Commercial Process for Tortilla Fortification (Nutriview, 2008/2) (.PDF 206KB)
Spanish Translation: Desarrollando Un Proceso Comercial Para La Fortificación De La Tortilla (.PDF 35KB)

Summary of a successful initiative undertaken by SUSTAIN and public and private sector partners to develop a fortification system for Mexico’s ubiquitous small tortilla millers.

Effect of Iron Source on Color and Appearance of Micronutrient-Fortified Corn Flour Tortillas (Cereal Chemistry, Volume 85, No. 4, 2008) (.PDF 112KB)

This publication was the “Editor’s Pick” in the September issue of Cereal Chemistry. The effect of different iron sources on instrumental color values and sensory color perception in fortified corn tortillas is evaluated.

Effect of Micronutrient Fortification on Nutritional and Other Properties of Nixtamal Tortillas (Cereal Chemistry, Volume 85, No. 1, 2008) (.PDF 153KB)

Results of laboratory research phase of SUSTAIN’s tortilla fortification initiative. Conclusions indicate that fortification of freshly milled corn tortillas could help reduce micronutrient deficiencies in target populations.

Industrial Approaches to Micronutrient Fortification of Traditional Nixtamal Tortillas (Cereal Foods World, September/October 2007) (.PDF 1,650KB)

Summarizes the pioneering development of technology for enriching tortillas made from lime-steeped corn (nixtamal) in the small mill environments of Mexico.

Reprinted with permission from Cereal Foods World.

The Promise and Challenge of Corn Masa Flour Fortification (World Grain, February 2003) (.PDF 4,116KB)
Spanish version appeared in World Grain, October 2002 (.PDF 1,931KB)

Summarizes what is known about use and potential of nixtamalized corn masa flour (CMF) as a food vehicle for fortificant iron, the challenges of fortifying staple foods with iron and government and industry efforts to establish fortification standards.

Iron Bioavailability from Iron-Fortified Guatemalan Meals Based on Corn Tortillas and Black Bean Paste (American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, Volume 75, 2002) (external site)

Results of an iron bioavailability trial in which healthy adolescent Guatemalan girls were fed black bean paste and corn tortillas made from flour fortified with one of the three isotopically labeled iron fortificants.

Storage, Sensory and Bioavailability Evaluation of Iron Fortified Corn Masa Flour: SUSTAIN Final Report (August 2000) (.PDF 190KB)

Findings from a three-part study to identify iron fortificants most effective and appropriate for use in corn masa flour, taking into account issues of bioavailability, sensory attributes and shelf life.

Fortification of Corn Masa Flour with Iron and/or Other Nutrients: A Literature and Industry Experience Review (December 1997) (.PDF 926KB)

Review of limited literature on and industry experience with corn masa flour fortification, with recommendations for research.