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Iron Guidelines Widely Used (Nutriview, 2002/3) (.PDF 159KB)

Report on worldwide usage of “Guidelines for Iron Fortification of Cereal Food Staples” and notification of new initiative to comprehensively evaluate the bioavailability of iron powder fortificants.

SUSTAIN (Milestones, The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Spring 2002) (.PDF 23KB)

Overview of how SUSTAIN marshaled scientific, government and private expertise and resources to resolve questions about how best to fortify foods with iron. It highlights efforts to reach consensus among different stakeholders/sectors. The Foundation notes:

“By bridging the historically separate interests of private and public participants, SUSTAIN has become a quiet force behind food fortification efforts throughout Latin America.”

Usage Report of “Guidelines for Iron Fortification of Cereal Food Staples” (April 2002) (.PDF 45KB)

Responses to a survey indicating that the interim Iron Guidelines were in wide use a year after their publication.

Guidelines for Iron Fortification of Cereal Food Staples (Nutriview, 2001/3) (.PDF 554KB)

Summary of recommendations contained in SUSTAIN’s interim guidelines for cereal food fortification with iron, including criteria for the selection of fortificants, and for determination of appropriate addition levels.

Guidelines for Iron Fortification of Cereal Food Staples (May 2001) (.PDF 29KB)

SUSTAIN ‘s interim guidelines for the type and levels of iron to add to cereal food staples are based on consensus from a September 2000 workshop in Monterrey, Mexico, and consultation with leading experts.

SUSTAIN Forum on Iron Fortification, Forum Proceedings (June 1998) (.PDF 662KB)

Summarizes the current state of understanding of iron fortification as a means to reduce Iron Deficiency Anemia (IDA) in developing countries. Includes discussion of risk factors and relevant regulatory issues.