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Iron Metabolism in Heterozygotes for Hemoglobin E (HbE), a-thalassemia 1, or Ŗ-thalassemia and in Compound heterozygotes for HbE/Ŗ-thalassemia (American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, October 2008)

A study of Thai women reveals different patterns of iron absorption and utilization in women carrying traits for thalassemia vs. controls. In populations with high prevalence of these traits, programs of iron forification should monitor for possible iron excess and iron deficiency.

Increasing Bioavailability of Iron-Fortified Foods (Food Technology, August 2005) (.PDF 890KB)
Enhancing Iron Fortification (World Grain, April 2005) (external website)
Enhancing Absorption of Iron from Fortified Foods (Nutriview, 2005/1) (.PDF 360KB)

Summaries of key recommendations from SUSTAINís Task Force Report on the appropriate uses, limitations and costs of different iron enhancing technologies directed to food scientists, nutritionists, trade and industry representatives and public health stakeholders.

"Increasing Bioavailability of Iron-Fortified Foods" reprinted with permission from Food Technology.

Enhancing the Absorption of Fortification Iron: A SUSTAIN Task Force Report (International Journal for Vitamin and Nutrition Research, Volume 74, No. 6, November 2004) (.PDF 149KB)

Overview paper of SUSTAINís Task Force Report on innovative ingredient technologies to enhance iron absorption. Summarizes five scientific papers each focusing in depth on a specific enhancement strategy, consensus points on the appropriate uses and limitations of each strategy and a cost analysis.

For the full task force report, please go to

Reprinted with permission from the International Journal of Vitamin and Nutrition Research.